look at him, he’s just so happy to be talking about monggu  (   ╥  д  ╥  )

What else can be better than this?

Anonymous moaned: ex anon here i messaged him but he only responded once and kind of ended the conversation immediately and now im sad because i want to share my day with him again so i feel like shit

He clearly doesn’t want to have contact with you again and I’m very sorry for that but you can’t really force him to talk to you no matter how much you want to ;; At least you tried?  I’m sorry I can’t help you with this..

Soul mates are not any special people with some out of the world qualities. They are just ordinary people with an extraordinary passion to make a relationship work despite the odds, despite the complications and despite all the imperfections in their life. No one becomes your soul mate the very first day you meet them. It is a journey of two people in love who happen to be really good together in all circumstances. They just have this spark in their relationship which helps them to make compromises and overcome their imperfections in the most beautiful way. It is a relationship where things just work out and the bond just keeps getting stronger with each passing day.

Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.

Anonymous moaned: Do you ever get bored of your EXO blog? Because a lot of people run other blogs as well..

Well, not really? Sometimes I don’t feel like blogging of course but I’m never bored of it. I run this blog mostly for myself and to keep updated with EXO and yes there are a lot of other people running blogs too, but that doesn’t mean I should stop running mine? I love running my blog and I think I’ll keep on doing so for a long time!!

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